Fuel50 is the future of work.

​Fuel50 is the world’s fastest growing talent experience platform that empowers your employees, enables your leaders, and helps you create a best-in-class talent experience. Fuel50 mobilizes your talent and delivers AI-driven career path transparency to your people, transforming the way they think about their careers, and delivers skills-forecasting that evolves your workforce of the future.


Companies using Fuel50 see measurable results, with attrition being reduced by up to 50% in over 60 companies and engagement uplifts are in the realm of 3-30% within every company deploying Fuel50.

Fuel50 is your new AI-driven talent experience platform. Internal talent mobility, supported. Fuel50 matches your people to new opportunities, vacancies, gigs, and learning based on their talents whilst giving your organization powerful insights.

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AI Career Pathing
Get Ai-powered "smart matches" to internal opportunities based on your skills and talents

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Find a mentor and be a mentor to others in your organisation

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Skills gap analysis shows what you need to work on to make your next move

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Employees can request feedback from their peers and mentors

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Ai helps build your ideal talent pipeline based on best talent-fits and other criteria

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Create and manage your careers aligned with your business strategy and development plans

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Ultimate workforce agility supported by Ai driven opportunities and gigs

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Powerful analytics and insights power workforce strategy and support business decisions



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