Provide learning to learners again whilst the lockdown and social distancing are in place.

The Covid-19 epidemic has drastically impacted the schools in South Africa, and the ability to provide quality education to learners. With the likelihood of social distancing and school restrictions to continue well into the 2020 academic school year, schools are confronted with the need to think about creative ways to provide education to their students, especially those returning to their classrooms last.

YellowSeed Consulting has a solution.

We are offering a promotional offer to assist all schools that now need to start providing learning to learners again whilst the lockdown and social distancing are in place.

Promotional Price from May to August:


R50 per Learner per Month

Included in the monthly fee:

  • Full access to the system

  • Support to assist learners and parents to use the system

  • Dedicated technical support for teachers, students and parents

  • Ongoing dedicated training and support for teachers

  • Ongoing training and support for school to ensure smooth reporting, assessment and content deployment

Our online platform will allow learners to access their schoolwork at home from any pc, laptop, ipad or smart phone device and interact with their teachers and class mates.


Teachers will be able to load and manage the learning material onto the system themselves and send content to students as needed. Teachers can also create tests and assignments directly on the system and interact with students and parents on the go.


Schools will be able to track all learning and provide detailed progress reporting to the Department of Education through the online platform.



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We are running a special promotional offer from May to August to support schools & provide measurable online learning opportunities to all at a very affordable price.

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