6 key advantages of micro-learning

1. It Is Time effective.

By offering small and easy to understand drops of knowledge, your employees can put it in use anytime (e.g. while commuting to work or waiting at the dentist’s).

2. It Is Flexible.

Your people can choose to focus on particular areas and when they need it the most. This allows them to acquire practical and specific knowledge that they can apply at work.

3. It Promotes Employee Productivity.

Employees can choose to invest minimum or maximum time on training, depending on their availability and work load. They can be autonomous in their own learning, while remaining social and interactive as members of a team. They have the power to adjust their training to fit around their job engagements.

4. It Requires Minimum Effort.

With the learning content structured and offered in easily memorable ways, micro-learning is a learner’s paradise! 

5. It Promotes self-driven learning

Micro-learning is set up to allow the learner to “pull” information from various learning sources when they need it. It does not advocate large amounts of content being “pushed” onto the learner. It puts the learner in the driver seat.

6. Reduced cost

The costs related to missed work when employees are away for days on end while they attend training are reduced. The economies of scale introduced through micro-learning bring about the opportunity to expose more employees to learning initiatives than what traditional training methods would allow.

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