7 Talent Management trends to consider in 2018

Talent management remains a crucial part of a winning HR strategy. Great business performance is reliant on sourcing and retaining the right talent.

As the business environment is constantly changing, technology improving and the workforce taking a new shape you might want to stay close to some of the talent management trends that will be prominent this year.

1. Impact of current focus

Instead of focusing on talent management interventions that have, hopefully, a long term effect, you can focus on the interventions that have an effect today.

Some examples:

– Remove the blocker in the management team, and appoint one of your top potentials instead;

– Give teams of high potentials responsibility for the development of new markets;

– Don’t hesitate to put your best people on the most important jobs.

2. One size does not fit all

Treating employees as individuals, and not as part of a segment is one of the most important long term trends. Instead of assuming what your employees need and want, technology has created the space for you to identify your employee’s capabilities and design opportunities that best fit with that specific individual.

3. Talent is all around you

Organisations tend to limit themselves by focusing too much on developing and retaining current talent. Look around you, there is talent everywhere, and you could have the potential to expand your talent pool by including external partners and suppliers.

4. Performance consulting

Good people want to become better, and the focus on performance consulting is on giving them regular and granular feedback, based on real performance. Watch how performance management cycles have become more frequent and include multiple sources.

5. Team focus

The focus on individuals is slowly shifting to teams as their value as major building blocks in the organisation is recognised. However, the efforts to developing and strengthening talent teams is still an underdeveloped practice but will be seen to get more attention in the coming year.

6. The moments that matter

The employee experience is a concept that is quickly gaining ground. We expect companies to continue to personalize the employee experience and redesign HR to better support the employee “moments that matter”. Designing and implementing a great experience is not easy. Start with making the first day on the job extraordinary.

7. Talent analytics

Organisations are evaluating and analysing raw data to derive valuable insights which are helping them to hire the right talent, retain them as well as help them learn and grow internally. A powerful tool that many organisation are yet to utilise.

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