Having a fulfilling career - only for the brave!

Do you feel like you’ve reached a ceiling in your career? Or that you need a change? Are you looking for different challenges in your work life? Or are you facing a major change in your career path? Have you been retrenched or sidelined and you are left wondering where to from here?

In a recent survey of 115,000 people from 33 countries, it was found that up to 50% of the people surveyed felt that they had picked the wrong career path. Another study found that about 1/3 of the total workforce will now change jobs every 12 months because of career dissatisfaction and 51% of twenty-somethings already regret their career choice and would choose a different path if they could start again.

According to a Gallup poll, 24% of the global workforce is actively disengaged with their jobs. Additionally, 63% of the worldwide workforce is “checked out, sleepwalking through their day, or putting time but not energy or passion into their work.” This leaves only 13% of people who are happy at work.

So, what does all of this research have to do with me, you may ask? Well, that depends on which of these statistics you relate with the most. Are you part of the 13% happy people at work, or the 87% unhappy people?

 If most of us feel we made the wrong career choice and feel unhappy at work, why are more of us not doing something about it? Yes, I know you have a mortgage to pay and responsibilities to consider. And yes I know you've worked hard to get where you are. But ask yourself, what will make my life worthwhile in the end? At the end of my life will I regret not living out my true potential, strengths and passions? Will you have enough courage to be part of the 13% of people who are happy at work?

If you have the courage to face your fears, and explore the possibilities of what might be, without immediately going to all the risks and responsibilities and reasons why it cannot work, you might just take the first step on your journey towards career satisfaction. And by the way, people who are satisfied with their careers tend to earn more money as well!

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