Parenting support

These are extraordinary times, unprecedented in modern history.

The COVID-19 virus has spread like wildfire throughout the world, causing a global pandemic and seeing governments almost everywhere imposing draconian safeguarding conditions upon those countries’ citizens.

As part of our responsibility to our clients we have decided to provide helpful information in areas that might not be covered by the various business sites during this time, which is why some of our topics will be breaking away from the Talent management space. We hope you find it helpful.

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, parents all around the world are truly worried about the wellbeing and safeguarding of their children. We as parents are the most important people in our children's lives, and they look to us for guidance, support and protection. So, as the adults, lets take a step back and calmly view our options of how to protect our children and family during this crisis.

Our parenting support eBook provide you (as parent) with the following necessary tools:

  • To effectively communicate COVID-19 information to your children

  • To quickly identify the symptoms of the virus

  • Tips on how to boost your childrens' immune system;

  • and lastly, what to do during isolation.

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