The latest in internal Talent Mobility: Fuel50 Marketplace.

We wanted to take some time to share an impressive new internal talent mobility solution from the amazing innovators at Fuel50.

Anybody that failed to predict the crisis we are in now with Covid-19 will appreciate the sentiment that we live in a highly unpredictable world. Our ability to cope with the consequences of such events have shaken companies to the core and have forced us to look at innovative alternatives. The skills we need now probably looks a bit different from a few months ago and companies suddenly need to quickly restructure, re-assign and/or re-skill their employees. If we can get this right we can still support employee career paths during times of crisis.

The introduction of Fuel50’s FuelMarketplace presents companies with an intelligent internal talent mobility solution that supports short-term redeployment, gigs and will at the same time help your leaders build teams based on best talent-fit. The smart-AI engine that Fuel50 has become known for now powers their internal mobility offering and is a serious game changer for large organizations.

FuelMarketplace helps companies to match their employees with internal redeployment opportunities. Based on the talent at hand, leaders will be able to “design” their best teams based on the best “talent-fit” and they will also be able to post a gig and accept gig applications based on ideal talent.

How does this all work practically?

Firstly, companies showcase their talents by exploring and defining current talent data. Secondly, they match employees with internal redeployment opportunities. Thirdly, companies can now post gigs and based on this, employees can raise their hand for redeployment assignments, projects, tours or gigs. This is a win for the business while at the same time providing the employee with an opportunity to continue with their career path. Fourthly, employees will be able to request feedback from leaders which will help them understand their key strengths and focus areas for development. Finally, employees will be able to find a mentor and/or become a mentor to others to provide support on their journey.

The mobility of the FuelMarketplace will help HR and leaders uncover employees who might be hidden at the moment, thus ensuring you always have the best talent in the correct positions.

We give FuelMarketplace a big thumbs up as an innovative solution for talent mobility during tough times.

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