What is efficient digital learning?

Efficient digital learning means providing employees with exactly what they need, when they need it, in practical and regular bite-sized formats.

If you look at the way millennials look at Google. They don’t necessarily value the information on Google. They value the convenience and efficiency that Google offers. They value Google’s ability to give them an answer when they need it most. In this sense Google, has personalised the digital experience. We’re seeing a similar movement in the learning and development space. No longer will employees engage in a passive catalogue of courses. The future of learning is personalized and contextual, providing learners with the right information when and where it will be most helpful to them.

This EFFICIENCY EVOLUTION requires us to think about what people need to DO Differently and WHY. It requires a shift in the way digital content is structured and presented. It requires leaders to think deeply about the underlying cause of the organisation’s performance problems. Leaders are then required to acquire training content that address the simplest form of WHAT learners need to do differently on the job, and WHY to address these problems.

The focus and emphasis of digital learning has shifted from INFORMATION to PERFORMANCE ….. from PASSIVE learning, to ACTIVE learning.

The rise of digital learning:

When it comes digital learning we have found that it is often met with resistance & negativity. Companies have often  burnt their fingers in the past and are hesitant to adopt a digital learning strategy.

One thing that we always communicate to our clients is that Digital  Learning isn’t here to take over, it is here to reinforce, compliment and co-exist with traditional learning methods. It’s simply an evolution of the requirements of our modern-day world, where companies and the internet are ‘live’ 24/7.  Digital learning connects colleagues and locations, engages social learning and incorporates online portals … all as an effort to deliver learning in a more efficient way.

In this sense digital learning it not a revolution, or a take-over making other existing methods redundant. It is simply a change in delivery method, which lends itself to all other technological advancements that are happening as part of our modern lives.

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