Why should you outsource your HR department?

In the current globalized world, pressures on the human resource function are increasing. Organisations are looking at every possible avenue to enhance efficiency and decrease costs.

High rates of attrition, employee disengagement and cost reduction pressures are driving the need to leverage Human Resource Outsourcing as a sustainable and competitive method for managing costs and allowing the company’s core resources to focus on strategic initiatives rather than transactional HR activities. By choosing to outsource their HR departments, businesses can realise a range of business benefits, helping them gain a competitive advantage.

Benefits of outsourcing your HR function:

Cost arbitrage - you could save 30-40% over the long term

Efficiency gains – improved utilisation of resources

Effectiveness – allowing your skills to focus on their core competencies and not waste time on HR tasks

Robust methodology: Well researched, proven and robust methodology executed timeously

Partnering focus: Efficient service delivery while enabling a partnering focus with clients.

Experienced delivery capabilities: Best practice service delivery

Flexible pricing: Flexible pricing models including business outcome based packages

Focus on excellence: Continuous process improvements incorporating and imbedding the learnings from different clients, following world-class acceptable business processes

Integrated change management : Skill in integrating HR activities in the strategic business environment 

Deep skills: Seasoned HR practitioners

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