If you’re considering joining the over 70% of Fortune 500 companies and 75% of UK’s top 100 organisations currently using psychometric testing, you need to ensure that you do it right to get the most benefit out of the process.

Psychometric assessments have evolved substantially over the last 50 years, and can now incorporate the latest technology in talent management and people development. If you are wanting to push your organisation and human talent into the 21st century, psychometric assessments might just pave the way for you to do so.

Here are 10 reasons why you should be using psychometric assessments in your organisation:

UNBIASED - The biggest advantage of using psychometric tests is probably the objectivity of psychometric assessments. If used properly it provides a standardized measurement of all candidates in an unbiased way.

TAPS INTO IMPORTANT ATTRIBUTES - The second biggest advantage relates to psychometric assessments’ ability to tap into difficult-to-assess attributes of individuals. Scientifically valid and reliable assessments can accurately define aspects of an individual’s personality, emotional intelligence, interests, cognitive abilities and so on. These are all extremely difficult to measure during the interview process, so psychometric assessments are one of the few methods that can accurately tap into these aspects.

SAVES TIME - Psychometric tests can also save a great deal of time. They’re easy to administer (mostly online) and many people can complete the assessments at a time. Furthermore results usually come back quickly and reliably. It is therefore a very time efficient screening method.

REDUCES WORKLOAD - On that note, psychometric testing can drastically reduce the workload of the hiring manager, as it helps to speedily identify a much smaller pool of applicants.

GLOBAL FACTOR - Assessments can be completed anywhere, anytime. This opens up the amount of candidates that can be considered during the recruitment process, as candidates can apply from anywhere in the world.

SAVES COSTS - Believe it or not, assessments can actually save costs. The replacement costs of a mid-level employee can easily add up to 6-12 months’ salary. This includes potential recruitment fees, training and development costs, induction costs and so on, not even considering the cost of reduced productivity. Assessments can be done at a fraction of this cost to ensure that the right candidate is selected from the very beginning.

GREATER ROI - If used correctly, assessments will allow for a greater Return on Investment (ROI) through a decrease in staff turnover and recruitment costs.

INTEGRATION - Psychometric testing can be used to measure a number of attributes in an integrated fashion. It allows the organisation to measure personality, attitude, aptitude, potential, values, cognitive reasoning, integrity and so on all at once.

ADVANTAGE FOR THE INDIVIDUAL - Psychometric testing also provides an advantage for the individual, as it allows the candidate to introspectively reflect on their own strengths and development areas and how to optimise their unique profile within their current and future working environments.

EMPLOYEE VALUE PROPOSITION – the use of psychometric assessments can create a powerful professional image of your organisation and the way you make talent decisions. It sends the message that your organisation will invest effort and money to get the right people into the right job.

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